+January 2017:
“Work in Progress” has been shot.
Post-production is scheduled to end April 2016.

+June 2016:
Night Painting will premiere at Palm Springs Short Fest! Woohoo!

+Feb 2016:
my first feature, A Coat of Gold just received
development support from the Hungarian National Film Fund

+June 2015:
 A Coat of Gold was selected for script
development at Sources2

+June 2015:
 A Coat of Gold  is set to participate in the Producer’s Network
at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival

+April 2015:
A Coat of Gold, selected for development at
Cinelink, Sarajevo Film Festival 

+February 2015:
A Coat of Gold, selected for further development at
the Script Station programme, Berlin Film Festival

+November 2014:
A Coat of Gold won the Best Pitch award at
the Cottbus International Film Festival